BY: Ashleigh Everitt 

Every year, trend agencies publish food and health trends for the year to come. These trends are eagerly awaited by not only the food and health industry but also consumers alike. In 2019, many of the food and health trends show the influence of a more health conscious consumer3,4. So, with less than a month to go until 2019 is upon us, we have a look at what food and health trends are awaiting us in the new year.

Plant based eating1,2,3

With people choosing more a plant-based diet and eating less meat, it is no wonder that plant-based eating is still a major trend for 2019.  This can be seen in the increased prevalence of vegetarianism, veganism or flexitarians, but also more plant-based meals on offer at restaurants and supermarkets. Within this trend, the search for good quality proteins such as soy, tofu, legumes, walnuts, tempeh, seeds and whole grains are becoming more popular as they easily replace meat or fish without affecting the balance of our meal1. Eating more plant-based foods is not only beneficial for you but also the environment. FUTURELIFE® products are made from non-GMO soy and maize, therefore embrace the plant-based trend and depending on which product, are suitable for vegetarians or lactovegetarians.

Healthier alternatives1,3

As people become more health conscious, they search for healthier alternatives and replacements for particular foods. People are searching for healthier alternatives for bread, meat and dairy3. This is seen in the increased use of milk alternatives, vegan cheeses, black beans, lentils, rice, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, pea and lupin (legume)3 as well as insects as protein sources1. There is also talk of beans, peas and lentils being used in cakes, muffins and breads3 and plant-based frozen desserts2.


Snackification is another trend that is carrying over from 2018. What is changing, however, is the way people think about snacking and what is considered a snack1. Researchers found that “63% of millennials are replacing meals with snacks and snacking is moving away from being a an optional extra to a definitive occasion1”. Trends seen in retailers show the rise in snacking options made with better ingredients all neatly packed in a single-serving. Try our range of snacks to help keep you going throughout the day, FUTURELIFE® High Protein and High Protein LITE SmartBar, FUTURELIFE® Smart Drink™ or FUTURELIFE® Crunch Bar. Our powdered range can easily be mixed with water or milk to make a meal, shake or smoothie.

Probiotics into foods2,5,6

This trend not only embraces including foods that naturally contain probiotics such as Kefir, Sauerkraut, Tempeh, Kimchi, Miso, Kombucha and Pickles7 but also shelf stable probiotics added to foods. You are going to start seeing functional probiotic ingredients added to your staples through products like granola, yoghurt, cereals, nut butters, soups and bars2. FUTURELIFE® as a brand embraces the trend of probiotics in food and importance of gut health with our FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes with Probiotic Sachets. This product contains individually wrapped sachets of HOWARU® Premium Probiotics.

Elevated convenience4,5

This trend focuses on increased demand for healthy, foodie inspired convenience food and drink options, that don’t skimp on quality. This includes premium convenience foods4, meal kits4,5, food delivery services4,5 and in other parts of the world, fully-automated food stores that use mobile apps and cameras to make grocery shopping as seamless as ordering food for delivery4. This is in response to the fact that more people are becoming health conscious and showing a passion for food, but might lack the skills, equipment and/or time.

Healthy aging4

Preparing oneself for a longer, healthier lifespan is particularly relevant as consumers view health and wellness as a holistic, proactive, and ongoing pursuit. We will see more food and drink products that are being developed for people of all ages, especially the aged, through fortification or the addition of a functional ingredient in order to make a functional food. This is when a food given an additional function by adding new ingredients or more of existing ingredients over and above what you would find in a normal food4. The aim is to help consumers to efficiently consume vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that are potentially beneficial for one’s health namely bone, joint, immune system and brain health4,6. Did you know that FUTURELIFE® is a functional food brand, with added functional ingredients such as MODUCARE®, HOWARU Premium Probiotics and SUPRO® Soy Protein Isolate as well as additional vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and prebiotics?

Rethink plastic1,2,4,5

With the large amounts of plastic ending up in the environment and microparticles starting to infiltrate our food, it is no wonder that it’s a 2019 trend and rightly so. People are trying to be more health conscious as well as considering the environment more. The food industry as well as its consumers are striving to use less plastic, recycle more and there is a big drive to switch to environmentally-friendly packaging. This is evident in the banning of straws, earbuds, the increased use of recyclable takeaway and coffee containers, encouraging customers to bring reusable containers or coffee cups and even plastic free grocery stores. Rethinking plastic along with the movement to reduce food waste as well as the importance of soil health and regenerative agriculture are named in Mintel’s global food and drink trends for 2019.

Virtual fitness training and online workout subscriptions5

Some people don’t like to go to gym or exercise in a group but struggle to find motivation to exercise on their own. This trend allows people to get training and instruction from the comfort of their own homes. It usually involves subscribing to an app where you pay a monthly fee and requires the use of a TV or cell phone.

Other trends that are on the radar for next year include the importance of gut health2, the use of hemp2, pacific rim flavours (Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America)2, colourful beverages using natural, botanical and plant-based ingredients2,3,6, mindfulness and intuitive eating5.


Our FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes with Probiotic Sachets have been reformulated to be high in dietary fibre and 12 vitamins and 3 minerals. Each probiotic sachet contains 1 billion CFU (colony forming units) of L-acidophilus and B-lactis which are shown to have digestive and immune benefits in this dosage.