Individual Athlete Programme (IAP):

There are currently 9 IAP Athletes in the Amathole District.This program provides scientific, life skills and athlete support to nominated elite athletes.   The criteria for acceptance onto the programme are at least provincial colours, with the prospect of a medal at national/international level.


Amathole High Performance Hubs:


Elliodale Athletics Hub:

Elliotdale Athletics Hub is based in Elliotdale , Amathole District and comprises mainly of middle distance runners.

A total of 18 athletes (males and females) aged between 9-18 years forms part of the Hub.

The group of runners train 3-4 times a week under the guidance of Hub Coach Mr Zolile Makhwayiba.






Seymore Boxing Hub:

Seymour Boxing Hub is based in the Nkonkobe municipality, Seymour in the Amathole district.

A total of 25 boxers (males and females) aged between 12-22 years forms part of the Hub.

Mr Sijako is assigned the role of Head Coach.

The group of boxers train 5 days a week under the guidance of the Head Coach.