Coaches Education

Coaches Education and Training Programme

The Coaches education and training program is comprised of the following four components: the generic coaches program, the e-learning program, hosting national and international seminars and the coaches’ accreditation program. The education and training program encompasses educational and training opportunities for ECAS staff and coaches across the province.

The coaches’ education programme strives to facilitate the further development of coaches who play an integral role in the development of our ECAS athletes. The educational programme is a multifaceted programme comprised of educational workshops, e-learning opportunities, and official accreditation opportunities. The educational workshops are comprised of two pillars facilitating a progression-based approach to challenging the mental capacity of the coaches in the province.

Collectively, all educational efforts are driven towards fostering holistic athlete-coach development. The training opportunities exist in the form of workshops conducted by national or international level guest speakers.

A graphical illustration of the education and training programme can be seen in figure 1 below. In addition, tables 1 and 2 also contain a description of the topics that are covered during the educational workshops that are implemented at the district level.

Table 1. Topics covered during the level 1 phase:


Fitness Assessment Methods Plyometric Exercise
Cardiorespiratory Endurance Stability Ball Exercise
Resistance Training Principles Sandbag Training
Speed, Agility & Quickness


Table 2. Topics that are covered during the level 2 phase:

Periodization Strength Training
High-Performance Boxing Athlete-Coach Relationship
High-Performance Athletics Warm-Up Routine
Coaching for Character (sport psychology) Basic Nutrition Guide
Recovery Interventions & Modalities Coaching Philosophy
Exercise Prescription Anti-Doping