Graeme College

Name of Sport Focus School District Sporting Code Sport Focus School Coordinator Where are the Sport Focus School Offices Located
Graeme College Sarah Baartman Rugby Jonty van der Meulen Tempelton Drive, Grahamstown, 6139

Despite having only 350 boys in the senior school, rugby has remained a very popular sport at Graeme College and there are six open sides.

Graeme has produced some outstanding rugby sides which have done their school proud at the various rugby festivals.

One of the first documented schoolboy matches played in South Africa took place between Graeme College and St Andrew’s College in 1878 and the rivalry continues to this day. Other time-honoured fixtures include those against Grey High, Selborne College and Kingswood College. Prominent old boys who have represented the school on the professional sports’ field include Daniel (Cheeky) Watson and World Cup winner Hennie le Roux.

A committed, energetic and knowledgeable rugby coaching staff ensure that the high standards that Graeme has set on the rugby field continue to be maintained. Nine teams can be fielded on a day.

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