High Performance Hubs (Centers of Excellence)

ECAS established High performance hubs are all 8 districts of the EC.

The Hubs help identify, nurture and fast-track local talented athletes across all sporting codes providing them with athlete support services. The hubs systems are to ensure that our athletes, coaches and officials are kept abreast with the latest technology, research, techniques and developments to provide the competitive edge. Continued professional development is therefore essential at hub level.

The objectives: To Improve preparation of coaches and athletes to transition to performance to high performance sport.

Services: These include a pathway that includes strength and conditioning, mental skills, nutrition and physiotherapy etc.

Athletes who are on the High Performance Hub Programme receives the following Services From ECAS:

  • Coaches’ education
  • Development of athlete’s individual performance plans
  • Mental skills development
  • Strength and conditioning principles
  • Medical support(Physio therapy and recovery)
  • Life skills sessions (Life after sport)
  • Education
  • Sporting ethics and drug free sport
  • holistic athlete development
  • Nutritional support(FutureLife)


Duration: Cooperation agreements with Federations and athlete performance groups are based on 1 year agreements that are renewable (funding and performance dependent)