ECAS athletes compete on both the national and international stage in individual and team sports across 17 sporting codes. As such, ECAS ensures that these talented athletes and their coaches receive key services that enable them to compete at an elite level. These services are offered through dedicated sports programmes, specialist departments and accredited service providers. The full of ECAS services includes medical screening, physiological testing and analysis, sport nutrition, sport psychology, life skills training and injury rehabilitation.

The specific objectives of ECAS are determined by the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC). ECAS ascribes to these objectives as they determine its role within South African elite sport. Therefore the role of ECAS is to:

  • Facilitate, coordinate, manage and monitor services rendered to beneficiaries
  • Act as a service provider for the implementation of the coordinated national and provincial plan
  • Create sustainable development pathways for athletes and support staff.