The Sport Focus Schools (SFS) is a program of the National Department of Sport and Recreation (SRSA). It is funded by Treasury through SRSA, with a DIVISION OF REVENUE ACT (DORA) funds.

The Sport Focus Schools (SFS) aim is to provide systems, support and resources to selected schools to ensure long term best practice in holistic athlete development for schools in the EC. It includes aspects such as talent identification, nurturing of learners, capacity development of staff and volunteers, as well as establishing support programs for surrounding schools. The program is holistic in nature and includes learners academic and social development.

The Eastern Cape Department of Sport Recreation Arts and Culture (DSRAC) provided the Eastern Cape Academy of Sport (ECAS) with the names of Sport Focus Schools (selected by the districts) in the Eastern Cape Province.

The following is a list of the sport focus schools and their respective municipalities, as identified by DSRAC for the 2019/2020 financial year:

Name of The Schools Sporting Code District
Graeme College High Rugby Sarah Baartman
Lady Grey Arts Academy Netball Joe Gqabi
Pearson High School Netball Nelson Mandela Metro
Cathcart High Netball Amathole
Dale College Rugby Buffalo City Metro
Queens College Rugby Chris Hani